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Pomurje Region lies in the north-east of Slovenia, in the heart of Central Europe and at the intersection of one of EU’s most strategic routes. The vicinity of neighbouring capital cities and a favourable geostrategic position make the region an important centre for transport and logistics activities and business opportunities.

Olivinea Volcano Sport Resort

The fundamental vision of the project is to combine sport, healthy life and the co-existence with nature, with all the natural healing effects, into a genuine offer, including the lives of people in connection with the environment.

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Sobota Lake Tourism and Sports Centre

Investment opportunities in the revitalization zone include Hotel Facilities, Water Sports & Recreation Infrastructure, and Support Services for Tourism & Sports. Attractive location in the heart of Europe boasts further development opportunities with full and dedicated support of the local community, municipality and the region of Pomurje.

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Eco-Village of the Future Demo Centre

The SATILU Innovative Demo Center (SIDC) in Slovenia will be established to realize a vision of locally fresh organic food production and creation of green jobs through profitable production of food, and green energy. Be part of the future of agriculture in our region!

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Countryside Family Hotel and Education Centre

Pristava Grad is the first countryside hotel in the secluded village of Grad in the centre of the Landscape park Goričko. The park is visited by more guests every year and the demand for accommodation is rapidly growing. Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

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Lushna Glamping – Natura Mistica Eco Resort

Lake area completely overtaken by nature offering a diverse set of natural habitats and experiences. Rare opportunity to develop a tourist destination - buildable area in the middle of a natural park by the lake side.

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Pomurje Logistics Centre

Due to its perfect location in the heart of Europe, Pomurje offers exquisite opportunities for green-field investments in logistics.

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Smart Region Platform

Be part of the region’s newly-found enthusiasm for the future-oriented technologies. Invest in hi-tech, blockchain, IoT platform connecting public services, SMEs and private initiatives. Be part of the future of Pomurje.

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