Why Invest in Pomurje?

Pomurje Region has a strategic position in the north-east of Slovenia, in the heart of Central Europe and at the intersection of one of EU’s most strategic routes. The vicinity of neighbouring capital cities and a favourable geostrategic position make the region an important centre for transport and logistics activities.

Pomurje is also the flattest region of Slovenia, stretching for 1,337 km² along the River Mura. It has extensive arable land, fertile soil, wine-growing hills, natural surroundings and a continental climate, all of which create favourable conditions for agriculture and the production of fresh, local food.

Owing to the rich geothermal resources and the diversity and integrity of the landscape, Pomurje is a great environment for investing in sustainable tourism. A long industrial tradition, in-depth knowledge of the markets of south-eastern Europe, integrity, competence and motivation, as well as a good command of foreign languages, are some of the qualities appreciated by the foreign investors employing local people at their production facilities in Pomurje Region.

Pomurje is ideally located at the intersection of the Lisbon–Kiev motorway corridor (V.) and the Baltic–Adriatic railway corridor (RFC5). At any point in the region, there is no more than 25 km to the cross-border area (Austria, Hungary, Croatia) and international markets. Your business can reach 55 million customers in the 600 km range.

Pomurje is lucky to have easy access to geothermal energy and some other renewable energy sources. The use of geothermal energy is growing for industrial and home purposes alike.

Creative industries are Pomurje region’s number one focus in the SME sector. We cherish our tradition, particularly handcrafts and folk arts, but strive to build future-oriented innovation founded on this rich, centuries-old experience.

The people of Pomurje are famously hardworking, loyal and highly reliable. Grow your business with a skilled and determined workforce.

Endless walk- and cycling paths call for an active lifestyle. No major industrial areas and no high-polluting metropoles make Pomurje one of the healthiest places in Europe. Not to mention the fresh, locally produced food and world-class wines.

Many languages, cultures and histories intersect here making Pomurje an open and supportive environment for your family and your employees. While Pomurje’s nature is like no other – water, hills, vineyards, open plains, woods, wild and farm animals will simply charm you.

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