The Sobota Lake Tourism and Sports Centre

Investment opportunities in the revitalization zone include Hotel Facilities, Water Sports & Recreation Infrastructure, and Support Services for Tourism & Sports. Attractive location in the heart of Europe boasts further development opportunities with full and dedicated support of the local community, municipality and the region of Pomurje.

Why Invest?

  • Excellent lakeside location by the Lisbon–Kiev motorway corridor (500 m)
  • More than 1 million tourist per year visits the region with population of 120 000
  • EXPANO promotional pavillion of regional tourism and business opportunities opened in 2018
  • Highly competitive land prices
  • Further development opportunities in the revitalization zone

The value of the project

1 – 2 €

How is the support like?

  1. Full support of the region and local communities
  2. Support for administrative procedures
  3. Special national tenders for co-financing foreign investors

Get in touch with us

Dr. Tadej Pirc

FDI Consultant T: +386 31 718 036
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