Smart Region Platform

Be part of the region’s newly-found enthusiasm for the future-oriented technologies. Invest in hi-tech, blockchain, IoT platform connecting public services, SMEs and private initiatives. Be part of the future of Pomurje.

Why Invest?

  • Investment opportunity in an integrated digital platform, internet of things and virtual services
  • A pilot project connecting city administration, public services, sustainable mobility and parking facilities, information, tourism, entertainment etc.
  • Responsible networking of data and advanced services suitable for a blockchain approach
  • More than a million unique potential users per year
  • Basic open code information platform already established

The value of the project

From 200 000 €

How is the support like?

  1. Full support of the region and local communities
  2. Support for administrative procedures
  3. Special national tenders for co-financing foreign investors

Get in touch with us

Sabina Potočnik Magdič

Regional Support Consultant T: +386 (0)40 716 965
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