Pomurje Logistics Centre

Due to its perfect location in the heart of Europe, Pomurje offers exquisite opportunities for green-field investments in logistics.

Why Invest?

  • Green-field investment opportunity in the heart of Europe
  • Ideal location at the intersection of the Lisbon–Kiev motorway corridor (V.) and the Baltic–Adriatic railway corridor (RFC5)
  • Max. 25 km to the cross-border area and international markets (Austria, Hungary, Croatia)
  • Competitive land prices
  • Population of 55 million in the 600 km range
  • Quick and easy access to motorways and railway infrastructure
  • Access to several international airports and ports within 250 km

The value of the project

5-7 mil €

How is the support like?

  1. Full support of the region and local communities
  2. Support for administrative procedures
  3. Special national tenders for co-financing foreign investors

Get in touch with us

Sabina Potočnik Magdič

Regional Support Consultant T: +386 (0)40 716 965
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