Olivinea Volcano Sport Resort

The fundamental vision of the project is to combine sport, healthy life and the co-existence with nature, with all the natural healing effects, into a genuine offer, including the lives of people in connection with the environment.

Why Invest?

  • The land, intended for the investment, is the size of approx. 130,000 m2, in length of 1,750 m and passes along the volcanic ridge next to the village’s stream. It is a partly flat, but mostly rugged wavy relief of the south, and mainly western position. The location is positioned in a protected natural area where green and eco-tourism is suitable in connection with sports.
  • The entire area is intended for tourist construction. It has already obtained the building permit for three football stadiums. The area is intended for constructing a park and landscaped walking trails, jogging trails, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts as well as for building a “motorik” and adrenaline park.

The value of the project

N/A €

How is the support like?

  1. Full support of the region and local communities
  2. Support for administrative procedures and regional coordination

Get in touch with us

Sabina Potočnik Magdič

Regional Support Consultant T: +386 (0)40 716 965
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